Cold Cold Ground was founded in 2004 by Hauptmann D, NooZ, Mr. Bunny and John Paul Jr. The band is based in Helsinki, Finland.

They released three self-financed EPs in DIY spirit before getting signed to Osasto-A Records in 2010. Cold Cold Ground’s first album, This Side of Depravity, hit the record stores on the 18th of August, 2010.

Cold Cold Ground plays dark and noisy rock music with some industrial influences. But the music is only one part of the package: the visual side and the overall atmosphere are equally important, especially when performing live.

Currently Cold Cold Ground is writing songs for their second album and playing as many live shows as possible.

Cold Cold Ground

Current members

Hauptmann D – Vocals / Programming

Mr. Bunny – Guitar / Programming

Mr. Bunny is sponsored by Intermorphic.

NooZ – Bass

Hoker Dine – Drums

Hoker Dine is sponsored by Regal Tip and PDP Drums.


John Paul Jr. – Drums and sampler (2004-2006)

Henrica – Drums (2006)

Monsieur Beau – Drums (2007-2010)

Kunt – Percussion (2011-2012)